Change is inevitable; progress takes work!

You have a choice in the upcoming election between a ‘no government’ candidate looking to secede from the union and a challenger invested in creating a solid foundation for New Hampshire’s future.

I want to serve the communities of District 40 to help ensure responsible budgets that avoid down-shifting of tax burden. I will work to keep our state competitive and attractive for businesses and families. I offer positive influence, sound decision-making and a willingness to listen and learn, not ideology.


Government is only as good as the people we elect to represent us. I’m a proven community leader with extensive experience in Project Management and Technology Training. Both these fields helped me learn how to bring people together to achieve cost-effective solutions. I’d like to bring those skills to Concord.

 Candy and I have lived in New Boston for almost fifty years. We moved here when we were first married, I from Bedford and she from Toledo and raised three daughters who attended New Boston Central School. Over the intervening years, we have been involved in every facet of town and state life; Candy as a first grade teacher and town gardener and I as a member of the Conservation

Commission, Church Elder, Cemetery Treasurer, three term Select Board Member and two term State Representative.


I am currently serving as President of the New Boston Historical Society. Over my three campaigns for State Representative, I have formed close friendships with a number of residents of Mont Vernon, the second town in Hillsborough District Five. If there is one thing that I have learned from my years in public life, it is that New Hampshire and its towns are a precious, but delicate, community. New Hampshire is not a home rule state. That is: the power to make most decisions affecting towns resides in the Legislature, not in the towns.


What that means is that the Legislature in Concord has a special and unique obligation to preserve, protect and nourish its towns and the people who live in them. This I have always supported and will continue to do so in Concord. Over the years, we have seen that Concord has made decisions which protect State interests, but which impose greater, unfair burdens on town taxpayers. This should stop and I have worked and will continue to work to prevent it.

The change we need... a voice we deserve!

The citizens of New Boston and Mont Vernon deserve Representatives in Concord who listen to their concerns and priorities.  Today, we are represented by individuals who vote for issues recommended by out of state lobbying groups.  We deserve better!


My ability to lead productive teams, manage a process, and build consensus were effectively demonstrated in over 40 years of experience in for-profit, not-or-profit, and state government organizations.  The next chapter in my journey will be to represent the people of Mont Vernon and New Boston to impact the policies that affect your lives.  


I will work to end the downshifting of state funding responsibilities to local property taxpayers.   Adequate funding for education, assuring affordable healthcare, protecting clean air and water, expanding mental health services and substance use services, maintaining a vibrant business climate and privacy rights are also priorities of our citizens.


Your priorities are my priorities. Together, let’s make a difference that matters by putting people before politics. That is my commitment to you.

Mont Vernon Democratic Committee

Mont Vernon, NH 03057